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What is a Curios and Relics License?

Section 10.2 Licensed collector
10.2.1 Collector of curios or relics license. There is no requirement to have a Federal license for the purpose of collecting firearms. However, the GCA has a license category for collectors of curios or relics.182 The collector of curios or relics license serves one purpose - it enables the holder to receive curio or relic firearms interstate under the GCA. A collector’s license does not authorize the holder to engage in the business of dealing in firearms. If a collector wants to deal in curio or relic firearms, a dealer’s license must be obtained. In the case of dealing in NFA curio or relic firearms, the SOT must also be paid. Further, with respect to firearms other than curios or relics, a licensed collector is in the same position as a nonlicensee. That is, the licensed collector may not lawfully receive them in interstate commerce.

10.3.1 Acquisition and disposition records. Licensed collectors must maintain a record of the acquisition and disposition of curio or relic firearms.183 The regulations specify the format and information required to be maintained. Only firearms classified as curios or relics should be listed in the required records.

How to obtain a C&R License:

You must complete an ATF F 5310.16 (Form 7CR) — Application for License (FFL) Collector of Curios and Relics

ATF FORM (pdf)

And submit the documents along with $30 (fee as of 3/13) to ATF and send a copy to your local chief law inforcement officer. It then takes about 10 weeks to get your license.

Bes sure to read the ATF's Frequently Asked Questions about Curios and Relics firearms before you start the process.
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